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Turtle Nesting Tours - November to January
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St Lucia Turtle Nesting Tours depart daily from St Lucia South Africa. We pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation establishment in St Lucia or Hluhluwe. From there we drive to the Maputaland Marine Sanctuary where more turtles nest than anywhere else along the South African coastline.

The drive tales us through Maputaland and the Makatini Flats to an inaccessible part of untouched turtle nesting beach called Bhanga Nek. St Lucia Turtle Nesting Tours to Bhanga Nek in the Turtle Sanctuary are the best option for turtle tours because so many turtles nest there and sightings rates are 95%+. Along the way we stop in KwaNgwanase for dinner.

The last part of the drive is along a 4x4 track in the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park. The sandy tracks have kept the Bhanga Nek area inaccessible and unspoiled by hoards of people. We arrive at the turtle nesting beach just before dark, have a swim if you want to and begin to walk northward once it is dark.

The St Lucia Turtle Nesting Tours Guides walk ahead of the small group searching in the darkness for the tracks left by the giant sea turtles when they leave the water and drag themselves up the beach to search for a good nesting site. One the guides have found a turtle track, the group stays behind while the guide slowly approaches the turtle to see in which stage of the nesting process she is in. Turtles which are still searching for a nesting site, or digging the egg chamber are not approached until they begin to lay their eggs. At this stage the female turtle enters a trans like state where she is totally unaware of what is happening around her. When turtles are laying their eggs, they can be photographed from behind. No touching allowed!

Your St Lucia Turtle Nesting Tour guide will tell you about the area and the turtles and tell you when you can and cant approach and photograph the turtles. St Lucia Turtle Nesting Tours to Bhanga Nek are not to be missed if you are visiting the St Lucia, Hluhluwe or Kosi Bay areas.


Overnight St Lucia Turtle Tours

Overnight St Lucia turtle tours give you the opportunity to explore more of the Maputaland Marine Sanctuary in the light, do some snorkeling at Bhanga Nek, spend some time on the beach and visit the Kosi Bay Third Lake.

On the overnight turtle tours, we overnight in a rustic camp set in the Dune forest. The camp is constructed from poles, reeds, bamboo and palm leaves. When we return from the turtle tour, we spend the remainder of the evening sitting around the campfire under starry skies, absorbing the experience of the turtle walk.

Overnight St Lucia Turtle Tours depart from St Lucia at 14h00 and return to St Lucia at approximately 13h00 the following day.

If you have time to spend 2 nights, we can combine the turtle tour with a dolphin trip where we swim with wild dolphins in the ocean. On our 2 night St Lucia Turtle Nesting Tours, we also visit the Tembe Elephant Park, home to the largest tuskers in Africa.
What to bring along with you on St Lucia Turtle Nesting Tours:

Closed shoes for walking, bathing suit, camera, torch, sunscreen, hat, change of clothes or raincoat, and a spirit of adventure.

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